McTimoney Chiropractic is a gentle and effective manipulative technique that treats the whole body in order to maintain the correct alignment of the spine and allow the nervous system to function at its optimum. Swift, gentle adjustments are used to bring your body back into balance, freeing restrictions, relieving pain and promoting natural healing.

McTimoney Chiropractic can be effective in the treatment of:

Problems can occur due to a traumatic incident like a car accident or a fall from a horse or they can be the result of the build of tension and stress in the body due to the repetitive activities of daily living.

Activities such as sitting at a computer for prolonged periods, doing lots of driving or carrying young children are all part of many peoples' daily lives and these are the sort of things that can cause a build up of tension, pain and stiffness.

If this sounds familiar then feel free to call McTimoney chiropractor Katya Wainwright BSc(Hon) MSc MMCA to discuss how can help or to make an appointment: 01225 421231 / 07968 396303